Trader’s Assistant Software Organizer & Risk Optimizer

Now for the first time, traders and investors will have a complete money management software program that not only keeps professional records of all your trades, but also calculates your important trading or investing statistics so you can know in an instant what your average winning trades are, your Risk of Ruin % you should be risking on each trade, and other vital statics to evaluate your performance at a glance.

This is not your basic P/L software that you find on most trading platforms or offered by brokerages, this is a complete performance evaluator designed to “Put Your Trading Under A Performance Microscope!”

Not only does “The Trader’s Assistant” keep you organized, but it quickly helps you to identify your trading strengths and weaknesses. I cannot over emphasize the importance of analyzing your trading with “The Trader’s Assistant”! If you as a trader don’t know your average win, your average loss, trading system % of wins vs. losses, win to loss ratio, your largest win, your largest loss; then how are you going to fix your trading?

This Complete System Allows you to record & Objectively study:

Psychology & Emotional Factors

Trading system analysis

Statistical Trading Results Analysis

Easily calculate your largest winning & losing trades for the day, week, month, and year! Know exactly how much you are paying in commissions!

This system Complete with user’s Manual & workbook is designed to get you organized and improve your trading.

Developed By A Trader For a Trader!

Learn Trade Analysis & Proper Record Keeping Techniques For Trading

A Trade Posting Organizer & Record Keeping Tool

For Both Stocks, Options, Commodities, Bonds, & FOREX Traders As Well As Investors

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