The Trade Size Calculator ~ Plus

Risk Control & Money Management Trading Software!

Here Is What The Trade Size calculatorâ„¢ Can Do For You!

Quickly determine your “Trade Size” and your “Trade Risk” for every trade!

  • The Benefits of Using the Trade Size Calculator-Plus Software:

  • Using our software – Easily Calculate your Trade Size before the trade
  • Calculates Maximum Trade Size In Stock Shares, Commodity & Options Contracts, & Forex Pips
  • Takes Into Account Margin For Both Stocks & Commodities
  • You Set The Account Size, Percent Risk, Entry & Exit Prices, Commission, Margin, Point value
  • Reduce the “risk of ruin” inherent in poor trade risk management
  • The best traders adjust their Trade size in relation to their stop-loss risk exposure
  • The best traders calculate their risk based on their trading account size
  • Determine the dollars acceptable to risk for each trade
  • The best traders know their % risk for each trade
  • Varying your Trade Size determines your trade risk
  • Versatile software inputs allows you the most flexibility
  • Complete money management instructionsr “Trade Risk”!


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