ART® Trading Software

The Applied Reality Trading® or ART® Trading System is the total solution offering exact trade entries and exits, risk control, and psychological relief from trading stress and anxiety.  By adding structure to your trading you can overcome psychology barriers that maybe keeping you from being successful.  For example, traders experiencing fear and emotional discomfort while trading usually lack structure and/or confidence in their trading.  ART® not only deals with these issues but enables you to reach higher levels of trading mastery.

Applied Reality Trading® works on all markets and all time frames.  If you are an active day trader, position trader, or long-term investor who trades stocks, commodities, options, forex, currencies, or bonds, Applied Reality Trading® will work for you.

The Applied Reality Trading® system trades the realities of the market while maintaining strict risk control.  Applied Reality Trading®, also known as ART® can be used for trend trading, scalping, counter-trend trading, or a combination of trading styles.

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