Monthly Archives: April 2014

Trader’s Assistant Software Organizer & Risk Optimizer

Now for the first time, traders and investors will have a complete money management software program that not only keeps professional records of all your trades, but also calculates your important trading or investing statistics so you can know in an instant what your average winning trades are, your Risk of Ruin % you should.
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TrendLine Master (TLM)

The TrendLine Master (TLM) automatically draws the right trend lines onto your charts and when used with your trading system or approach will boost your profits.  it is actually two studies in one great software package:
  • TrendLine Master:  Automatically uses key support levels to establish and automatically draw trend lines on your.

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The Trade Size Calculator ~ Plus

Risk Control & Money Management Trading Software! Here Is What The Trade Size calculator™ Can Do For You! Quickly determine your "Trade Size" and your "Trade Risk" for every trade!
  • The Benefits of Using the Trade Size Calculator-Plus Software:
  • Using our software - Easily Calculate your Trade Size before the trade
  • Calculates Maximum Trade Size In Stock.
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