Monthly Archives: April 2014

ART® Trading Software

The Applied Reality Trading® or ART® Trading System is the total solution offering exact trade entries and exits, risk control, and psychological relief from trading stress and anxiety.  By adding structure to your trading you can overcome psychology barriers that maybe keeping you from being successful.  For example, traders experiencing fear and emotional discomfort while.
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ART® Scanner Software

Imagine being able to scan for the ART® signals, and find high probability trade set-ups in real time and to monitor a multitude of instruments tick by tick, ranked and sorted based on your personal preferences..
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PTF Indicator Software

The Precision Trend Filter (PTF) Indicator establishes when there is a high probability that the market will make either higher highs or lower lows. This filter takes the guess work out and when used with your trading system or approach will boost your profits.

With this indicator you can filter your trades.

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